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Sunsine chemical: the innovation and development of brand

Writer:解小如Source:中国化工报 Number of visits: Date:2011-08-15


The early summer, yellow wheat liulv. Walk into Shandong sunsine Chemical Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the sunsine chemical) the sunsine chemical industry park, magnificent research office building, 50 words of enterprise policy, innovation concept, learning concept impressively came into view; be in full swing scene led people to stop the construction: bulldozer, excavator engine roar, electricity, gas welding machine sparkling arc. To fill the domestic blank million ton high thermal stability of insoluble sulfur phase two engineering project installation has been completed, are debugging operation; 30000 tons of 4020 rubber antioxidant and supporting the project construction was going.
Company chairman Xu Chengqiu told reporters: the short span of 5 years, sunsine chemical to the market as the main body, innovation and development mode, with the help of high-end international capital market, has become the strength of the listing Corporation, firmly hold the front end product market of domestic tyre industry, at the same time, exported to the world more than 40 countries and regions.

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